close-up of roasted Thanksgiving salad in two orange bowls

Roasted Thanksgiving Salad

If you were to put the taste of Thanksgiving in a healthy salad that’s perfect for lunch, this roasted Thanksgiving salad is what you’re looking for. Close your eyes and think of all the wonderful tastes of Thanksgiving. Make this salad, and you have all of that in one bowl. […]

close-up of fall harvest salad in green bowl

Fall Harvest Salad

Loaded with fresh apples, butternut squash, dried cranberries and walnuts, this fall harvest salad is put over the top with a tasty apple cider vinaigrette. As a kid, salad would have been the last thing I wanted to eat. Caesar salad was the first one to slowly change my tune […]

Summer quinoa salad in blue bowl with tomatoes and green pepper

Summer Quinoa Salad

Loaded with chickpeas, vegetables, a little cheese and of course quinoa, this summer quinoa salad is a great healthy make-ahead lunch option. We’re all about the make-ahead lunches, especially make-ahead lunches that are healthy and taste like the season we’re in! With summer coming quickly to an end, I’d be […]

close-up of chicken chickpea pesto salad in blue bowl

Chicken Chickpea Pesto Salad

Chicken chickpea pesto salad. Who doesn’t love an easy, tasty recipe that can last you for a couple of days for lunch? Back before I got free lunch every day through my work (I know it’s awesome), I made this chicken chickpea pesto salad quite a bit. If you’re looking […]

Edamame Salad

Edamame, Chickpea and Apple Salad

Edamame salad! Mouthful of a title and packed with big flavor is what this next recipe brings – edamame, chickpea and apple power salad. We’ve been using this edamame salad as a make-ahead lunch for the week but it would also be a great and healthy side dish to bring […]

overhead shot of healthy kale caesar salad in blue bowl

Healthy Kale Caesar Salad

With the dressing made from greek yogurt and limes, this healthy kale Caesar salad is much better for you and tastes just as delicious as a Caesar salad. We’re always on the lookout for healthy lunch options that can last the week. A couple of years ago we came across […]

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad

Buffalo chicken quinoa salad. So I’m told January is all about eating healthy, since no one really does in December! I mean who wants salad when you can have cookies upon cookies upon cookies. But alas, our belly might tell us otherwise which is why we’re on a cleanse.¬†Quinoa is […]

Mango Kale & Quinoa Salad

Mango kale & quinoa salad. If you’re craving Mexican flavors but want to be healthy, this mango kale & quinoa salad is the perfect dish. I know eating healthy comes natural to some people, but I’m one that has to work at it. Unfortunately a lot of my favorites foods […]