Small X End Table

X end table. So it’s been a while since I posted one of my projects! It’s not for lack making things… I actually have made quite a bit of projects. But I’ve been so focused on adding new recipes and improving my photography (hopefully you’ve noticed!), that my DIY sections has fallen by the way side. Not today however! Today I’m sharing something I actually made about 6 months ago for the basement – a small x end table.

When I had finished my entertainment center for the basement about 7 months ago, I quickly realized I needed some side tables for drinks when watching TV. I already made a big x side table for our living room, but wanted something smaller that was a little different. So after scouring the internet I came across a great plan from Shades of Blue Interiors. I followed the plans exactly so no need for me to post them here.

I’m not going to lie, anytime there is an x involved with furniture it can be a little frustrating. While the directions tell you the exact angle with which to cut everything, it never turns out exactly how you want so you’ll have to adjust accordingly. Otherwise these make for a great and unique x end table!

PS – yesterday marked me launching the blog a year ago. It’s crazy that’s I’ve been doing this for a whole year! This is post 154 since starting it. I’ve tried to find the right cadence to where I don’t feel overwhelmed but am also giving enough content to make it worth your while! It’s brought me grate satisfaction doing this and I will continue to do so for as long as I have recipes and projects to make!

Step 1:
Cut all the pieces and drill pocket holes.

X End Table

Step 2:
Attach the legs together.

X End Table

Step 3:
Add the shelves and side supports.

X End Table

Step 4:
Nail the top and add the side trim. Add the x’s as well.

X End Table

Step 5:
You can make two of them if you’d like!

X End Table

Step 6:
Stain and add the small x end table to your room.

X End Table

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