Sliding Door Entertainment Center

Sliding door entertainment center. When I first stumbled upon Ana White’s site, the first project I noticed was her Grandy Sliding Door Console. While I basically had no experience at the time making furniture, I knew it was something I eventually wanted to make. So as I learned and experimented making different pieces of furniture, I always had it in the back of my mind to make this sliding door entertainment center.

Our house is a typical size ranch house, but what makes it a little unique is the basement is completely finished, which consists of half the square footage of the house. For the first few months, we basically had nothing down there. It was just waiting for the sliding door entertainment center and a TV!

So a couple of months ago I finally decided to build it, and to date this is by far my favorite piece of furniture I built. Lauren likes it so much, she wants it in our living room upstairs, but it was built specifically for the basement so that’s where it’s staying! Overall it wasn’t hard at all. Probably the main thing that took some time was doing the sliding door hardware myself. I found directions on Shanty 2 Chic, but you can just buy hardware as well. You just have to make sure you size your console to it and not the other way around if you buy the hardware.

Because I basically copied Ana Whites design, I didn’t feel it necessary to add directions so I’m just linking to hers which can be found here. The only thing I changed was the height of the console. I only wanted it to be 30″ high, not 37 1/2″. So I just adjusted the side panels which determine the height to 28 1/2″. I did take pictures throughout, so I will share the process in how it looked. Again, both Lauren and I love how this turned out, so if you’re looking for a new sliding door entertainment center, I highly suggest considering this and just resizing according to your needs! But if you’re looking for any other DIY ideas, check them out on the site!

Step 1:
Building the 2 frames.

Step 2:
Attaching the side panels. Again, I adjusted mine to 28 1/2″ high.

Step 3:
Adding the face frame.

Step 4:
Adding the bottom shelf and middle shelf.

Step 5:
Put the top together and make sure it fits on top. I didn’t attach yet.


Step 6:
Build doors. Size depends on size of console. I used 1/2″ plywood.

Step 7:
Making my own sliding door hardware out of pulleys and aluminum.

Step 8:
Spray painting the sliding door hardware.

Step 9:
Painting the console. I used granite peak from Sherwin Williams. We love how it turned out.

Step 10:
The top and hardware is attached. I stained the top with medium walnut.

Step 11:
The doors are on and the console is ready to use! (PS I didn’t do a back for entertainment center but will probably add later on)

Step 12:
Add a TV and enjoy!


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