Etsy Store

So for the past year I’ve been debating on launching an Etsy store. I’ve waffled back and forth and actually decided to start this blog last year instead of launching the store. But the time has come!

What really got the Etsy store on my mind again was just having different people asking me to make them things ranging from wine caddies to furniture. As I’ve made various projects in the past 2 1/2 years I’ve realized how much I enjoy making things from scratch. If you recall from my first post, it was wanting to make gifts for our bridesmaids and groomsmen back when Lauren and I were getting married that got me started into woodworking. So I thought why not come full circle.

In launching my Etsy store, the first item available is the same beer caddy I made my groomsmen. Oh and since Lauren and I love wine, why not have a wine caddy available as well! Yes I realize there are about 500 options out there. I don’t actually expect to sell much, but I though it would be fun to do on the side. Hey if I sell just one this year, I’ll view it as a success! And in case you were wondering, yes I’ll be adding various items over the coming months to the store. So if you know anyone that wants a personalized alcohol carrier, tell them to visit¬†

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