Main Course

overhead shot of weeknight bolognese in white bowl

Weeknight Bolognese

This quick and easy Italian meat sauce is packed with flavor but takes way less time than a traditional bolognese, which makes it perfect for a weeknight! I love to cook, but sometimes I don’t want to do a labor intensive meal, especially during the week. One of the meals […]

overlay of salsa verde chicken pozole in white bowl

Salsa Verde Chicken Pozole

Packed with chicken, hominy, zucchini and corn as well as a homemade salsa verde, this slow cooker pozole is perfect for when there is a chill in the air. We’re in the middle of winder, which means it’s soup season for me! While I love soup, I just can’t bring […]

close-up of classic cheese fondue with bread dipping in cheese

Classic Cheese Fondue

This classic cheese fondue is a Swiss dish that consists of Emmental and Gruyère cheese melted in a pot where you use a variety of dippers like bread, fruit and vegetables to dip in the cheese and eat. Did you ever wonder how cheese fondue originated? Neither did I until […]

close-up of easy buffalo chicken pizza

Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This easy buffalo chicken pizza recipe combines two of America’s favorite game day dishes – buffalo chicken wings and pizza. What could be better? The Super Bowl is here! And for most people the Super Bowl is all about buffalo chicken wings. If not wings, perhaps some pizza? But hey […]

close-up of veggie black bean enchiladas in yellow baking dish

Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas

A healthier take on enchiladas which are loaded with peppers, onion, black beans, broccoli and kale and topped with homemade red enchilada sauce. If you are looking for a hearty Mexican vegetarian dish, there isn’t much better than these veggie black bean enchiladas. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts […]

overlay of chili lime sweet potato and chicken skillet in iron skillet

Chili Lime Sweet Potato and Chicken Skillet

A quick and easy healthy skillet dinner recipe that is loaded with Mexican flavors makes this chili lime sweet potato and chicken skillet perfect for anyone looking for something that is huge in flavor but also actually good for you.  Oh and it’s January, which makes this a great recipe […]

close-up of 4 stacked black bean veggie burgers on white plate

Black Bean Veggie Burgers

These quick and easy black bean veggie burgers are loaded with oats, spices, green chilis and you guessed it – black beans. These sandwiches are a tasty way to get more vegetables packed into your meals. Oh hey I’m sharing some veggie burgers again. As you may well know by now, […]

close-up of baked teriyaki chicken wings on white plate with blue cheese

Baked Teriyaki Chicken Wings

By baking instead of frying, these baked teriyaki chicken wings are a little healthier but just as tasty and more importantly, crispy. They’re perfect for a party.  January is all about being healthy! But there is also this really big even that happens early in February. You might have heard […]

close-up of sweet potato black bean burritos stacked on each other

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos

If you’re looking for the perfect make-ahead lunch that is tasty and filling, these sweet potato black bean burritos are a great option. Speaking of lunch… the bane of my existence. Lauren and I don’t like to eat out for lunch during the week while at work, but that doesn’t […]

close-up sweet potato chili in two orange bowls

Sweet Potato Chili

This sweet potato chili recipe is the perfect compromise meal if you’re looking for something that is both hearty and healthy and is great for a cold night. If you search sweet potato on Chisel & Fork, you’ll see quite a few recipes. You may wonder why? Well when I’m looking […]