two homemade Adirondack chairs that are stained

Homemade Adirondack Chairs

Homemade Adirondack Chairs. So about a year ago I started making a to-do list of woodworking projects I wanted to make in due time. One of the big ones was an Adirondack chair. For some reason I felt like it was a right of passage to make one. And I’m […]

picture of woodburned Heartsong Cookies image

Ode to Heartsong Cookies

Heartsong Cookies. So growing up, I always enjoyed hand drawing. I was never great at creating something from scratch, but I could look at something and make it look the same. It was a talent I got from my mother. This was one of those easy things to identify as […]

close-up of homemade chef's knife

Homemade Chef’s Knife

Homemade chef’s knife. It’s Father’s Day weekend! Honestly one of my favorite weekend’s of the year. Growing up, my dad, my grandfather and I would play a round a golf in the morning and end the day watching the U.S. Open. It was something I looked forward to every year. […]

shot of DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY Farmhouse Bed

DIY farmhouse bed. When I got into woodworking, I’m sure like most people, I started small. My first few projects were all things that I could easily pick up and carry around. Soon enough however, I was ready for the next step and that’s where this DIY farmhouse bed comes […]

close-up of homemade soy candle

Homemade Soy Candle

Homemade soy candle. When I got into woodworking a year and a half ago, it brought out my DIY nature that had been lying asleep for almost 30 years. I began looking at different projects that you could make at home that would be easy and fun. Keep in mind I was […]

close-up of Two Glass Wine Caddy

Two Glass Wine Caddy

Two glass wine caddy. So as I mentioned last week when talking about the lavender sugar scrub I made for Lauren’s birthday (can be found here), I had made a few other gifts for her. This two glass wine caddy is the type of project I really enjoy making. It’s simple, […]

Lavender Sugar Scrub in jar with logo

Lavender Sugar Scrub

Lavender sugar scrub. Lauren’s birthday was a little over a week ago. I’ve always really enjoyed giving gifts and coming up with creative ideas! In the past I would have researched hours on end for what I thought would be the perfect gift. But taking those woodworking classes brought out […]

overhead shot of first cutting board

Love at First Cutting Board

Love at first cutting board. Woodworker, Carpenter, Artisan…. you name it! I’ve always been fascinated by making things with your hands. As a child I loved legos and all the different creative ways you could use them. As I got older I volunteered to build anything that came out of […]

A Year Behind!

A year behind! Greetings! So we’re brand new to this blog thing. While we’ve followed miscellaneous blogs for years it’s still a big step to take a dive into the world of blogging! So I guess the real question is how do we get this started? I guess we’ll start with […]