Refurbished Bar

Refurbished bar. Basements are still a relatively new thing to me. In Florida, at least as far as I know, basements do not exist. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the high water table right underneath the soil but don’t hold me to it! Anyways, since moving […]

Spice Drawer Organizer

Spice Drawer Organizer

Spice drawer organizer. Anyone that likes to cook has probably dealt with the same issue I have – where in the world is that spice I need? You spend 5 minutes going through all of your spices, until finally you stumble upon it. At our town home, this was a […]

DIY Wood Shelves

DIY wood shelves. When we first moved into our house I was looking for any excuse for a fun DIY project. As we had recently got married we had a ton of pictures, but nowhere to put them! Alas, building some DIY wood shelves for our living room was one […]

DIY Wooden Spoon

DIY wooden spoon. When you look at a wooden spoon it may seem pretty simple and easy to make, and while it’s definitely on the easy side, it takes a decent amount of time to look how you want! Like usual, I took a class on how to make a […]

close-up of DIY fire pit with Adirondack chairs

DIY Fire Pit

DIY fire pit. Ever since Lauren and I bought our house, we knew we’d eventually want a fire pit. First we had to make the back yard nice enough to actually have something like a fire pit which took a few months. Then of course we had to have some […]

side shot of bathroom wall hanging organizer

Bathroom Wall Hanging Organizer

Bathroom wall hanging organizer. When we bought our house 6 months ago, I started looking for any excuse to build things for the house. I knew I had wanted to do some type of storage for our bathroom that could go on the wall and take away some blank wall […]

pyrography art of Crater Lake

Crater Lake Pyrography Art

Pyrography art. For anyone that loves the outdoors, Crater Lake should be on your Bucket List! Luckily for Lauren and I, we were able to cross it off our list 3 years ago. I’ll be honest that I had never even heard of Crater Lake before I moved to Oregon, […]

DIY Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters

DIY wooden coasters. There really isn’t much more fulfilling to me than making a gift for someone from scratch. My goal this past Christmas was to make almost all the gifts I gave people. I realized afterward that it was maybe too big of an undertaking (especially with a honeymoon […]

whole view of reinvented IKEA dresser

Reinvented IKEA Dresser

Reinvented IKEA dresser. Like many people, Lauren and I want to move to Waco, Texas. Well, not really, but we’d love to have a house designed by the Gaines. I’m not really sure when we got into watching Fixer Upper, but by now we’ve seen every episode and loved pretty […]

close-up of magnetic beer bottle opener

Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Magnetic beer bottle opener. I’m always on the lookout for small woodworking projects that are fun and useful. Before I got into woodworking, I remember visiting my Aunt Kevina and Uncle Kent’s house. They had a wall mounted magnetic beer bottle opener with a Florida Gator logo on it. What […]